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For Sale / Re: Gorgonian frags
« Last post by mtamorrow on Today at 07:50:06 »
Fishfreak, will you ship?

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Fish / Re: sad day
« Last post by merlin3 on Today at 07:23:20 »
I feed lrs, mysis, brine, nori, formula 1 & 2, and a bunch of other frozen foods.
Fish / Re: sad day
« Last post by merlin3 on Today at 07:22:25 »
Got mine from aquatics galore. It took a few days to get him to eat so he lost some weight. Now he eats like crazy, keeps a big belly but overall is thinner than i would like.
Fish / Re: sad day
« Last post by soldiers4christ50 on Yesterday at 23:03:47 »
Sorry to hear that Jeff. I always wanted one of those.
Fish / Re: sad day
« Last post by jjoos99 on Yesterday at 17:08:52 »
I usually fed twice a day. My home made food consisted of a blend of frozen brine, mysis, krill, chopped up nori and some formula 1 &2. He was always full bodied. Only thing I can think of was the last batch of food I mixed up I forget to put in the nori. Where did you get yours at Justin? Any trouble at first getting it to eat?
Fish / Re: sad day
« Last post by merlin3 on Yesterday at 14:57:03 »
What was your feeding regiment? We have had one a few months and i try to feed at least 2 to 3 times a day and i still cant get him fat. He is quite a pig too.
The tank is actually very clear. Hard to get a clear pic with the light.  Here are a few better pics. The floating plants are out now lol.
Thanks guys.
Tank Profiles & Build Threads / Re: Our tank since we took the reef down
« Last post by Keith92 on Yesterday at 10:39:45 »
Thank you for keeping us updated Matt. Glad you are doing better. I had a goldfish tank for years. ENJOY
WTB / Re: |WTB sps corals
« Last post by saltybuckeye on Yesterday at 09:37:57 »
I sent you a text.
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