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Author Topic: Excited to get reefing again! Have a light mounting question.  (Read 6 times)

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Hello everyone!

I have a 30 gallon IM fusion coming this week or next. Got about everything i need except for lighting. Currently saving up for the orphek atlantik v4 but i was hoping to get advice from someone who may have experienced this issue.

The orphek universal mounting arms say they fit on 10 to 19mm glass (or acrylic).  Customer support says glass, i read somewhere last night that said as long as glass or acrylic is 10mm it will fit. The tank glass is 8mm, and not sure about the acrylic AIO sump on the back as i couldnt find the thickness of those walls anywhere.  Could i just line the inside of the mounts with some felt to filll the 2mm gap? I dont want to break my brand new 30 gallon obviously.  Wondering if anyone had experience with this issue?  Thank you so much for any and all advice.



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