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Fish / flame angel is dying
« Last post by Warhawk937 on Today at 17:46:38 »
i purchased a flame angel over the weekend the fish was eating and swimming from day one.   3 days later he is laying on his side. I checked on the tank before I took off for work and he was cruising the reef cam home and laying on his side but breathing.  Water is spot on.  Is it possible that my fox face might a spiked him?
For Sale / Re: Frags available
« Last post by Steve on Today at 15:43:43 »
Still have a lot of these frags and some new ones available.
For Sale / Radion Xr15 gen 4 pro/rms mount
« Last post by Daytonsalt83 on Today at 12:38:16 »

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Lazy's Frag House / Re: 12” Wellsophyllia
« Last post by Heinbaughb on Today at 09:14:04 »
I don’t have any welsos but I wish I did!

120 gallon mixed reef.
Lazy's Frag House / Re: 12” Wellsophyllia
« Last post by soldiers4christ50 on Today at 03:16:28 »
Man that is awesome Brian. 🙃
Lazy's Frag House / 12” Wellsophyllia
« Last post by Lazylivin on Today at 02:35:25 »
I am such a sucker for sweet looking wellso’s. Have this one arriving this week. What about you? Let’s see them if you got them.

Classifieds / Re: Lots of corals
« Last post by Fishsandwich on Yesterday at 22:38:35 »
Could I see pics of the trumpets you have and the GSP arch?
Member Tank Profiles / Re: Anome
« Last post by Sonnyred on Yesterday at 21:39:00 »
Look as if it’s searching for more light
Member Tank Profiles / Anome
« Last post by delta1190 on Yesterday at 20:15:11 »
Does any one see there annome do this
For Sale / Framed marine fish pictures
« Last post by Heinbaughb on Yesterday at 20:14:51 »
I have 4 very nice framed and matted pictures of marine fish that I'm wanting to sell or trade for coral. Open to offers. They are 20"x24".
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