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Lazy's Coral House / Re: Lazys Coral House - re-opening
« Last post by Lazylivin on Today at 00:19:01 »
Looking forward to it. I will be open most Saturdays
For Sale / BRS Magnesium Chloride and Calcium Chloride
« Last post by mrfish183 on Yesterday at 23:11:19 »
I have a new and never opened 5-gallon bucket of BRS Magnesium Chloride (~30 lbs).  $40

I have a new but opened 5-gallon bucket of BRS Calcium Chloride (~35 lbs).  The bucket was opened to add the CaCl2 leftovers from a different bucket of BRS CaCl2.  $40.

Pick-up is in Liberty Township.  Thanks.
For Sale / Odyssea 65w square pin power compact bulbs.
« Last post by Reefinmike on Yesterday at 21:39:15 »
Bring life to that old fixture!  Two new bulbs, square pin 65w PC 50/50. $10 for both. Iím not on here often, feel free to text 937-241-7079
Pests, Nudsiance Algae and Prevention / Re: Dinoís: What a pain
« Last post by wallbass05 on Yesterday at 21:02:03 »
I just got over it about a month ago..I turned down the blues to 50% and whites to 1% on my ocean revives. Ran lights for about 5 hours a day to keep corals about 12 turbo snails. And by fish and them did work...went away on walls and floor bottom in 1 week
Pests, Nudsiance Algae and Prevention / Re: Dinoís: What a pain
« Last post by Reeferntraining on Yesterday at 19:58:37 »
My experience is that Dinoís thrive in either low phosphate, low nitrate or both. I would dose NeoPhos up to .05 if it were my tank.

Adding Vibrant and microbacter will make it hard to maintain PO4 & NO3.
Pests, Nudsiance Algae and Prevention / Re: Dinoís: What a pain
« Last post by Warhawk937 on Yesterday at 19:46:37 »
Battling dinos and need a little advice. I have hooked up the uv sterilizer, stopped water changes and started first dose of vibrant and micro bacter 7. in hope of increasing the bacteria that i want to out compete the dinos. my nitrates have remained steady at 10ppm for the last month and corals are looking great. but my phosphate is dropping fast. down to 3ppb or .01ppm should i dose phos or let them choke the dinos out?????
Miles / Re: 150gal Tank Rehab
« Last post by Gary on Yesterday at 14:34:38 »
Miles I would like to have the undrilled 75 and stand. Thanks, gary
Miles / Re: 150gal Tank Rehab
« Last post by Miles on Yesterday at 14:19:00 »
Finally got the email from BRS the other day that they have a Trident for me. It was delivered yesterday, won't have it up and running until the weekend though, too much going on. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to doing water tests so this should really help out. I did do a test about a week ago for the first time in a couple months and nothing seemed to be much out of wack, so I thnk I have the Ca Reactor tuned pretty well. 

I think I'm going to start unloading some of the miscellaneous equipment I have laying around (will probably eventually post them in classifieds), but if anyone sees this here first you could get a sweet deal. I've got two 75gallon tanks that I will just give away, one is undrilled and the other has a coast to coast overflow with three drain lines (bean animal?). Both tanks have sat empty for several years so they probably need resealed which is why I'm willing to give them away. The undrilled one comes with an overflow box and a  fancy PetsMart stand  (which doesn't really have much room for a sump), the other one comes with a DIY wood stand that needs an outer skin but is built high to accommodate a larger skimmer and allows for a good viewing angle when standing.

We are talking about finishing our basement and these are just taking up too much space and I have no real plans for them, so if you are interested, let me know. I'm not in a huge rush to get rid of them so eventually when I get some time I'll post them in classifieds with some pics.
Lazy's Coral House / Re: Lazys Coral House - re-opening
« Last post by Miles on Yesterday at 14:01:15 »
Wont be able to make it this weekend, but excited that you are reopening. I'll have to stop by soon.
Equipment / Re: uv sterilizer questions.
« Last post by erky on Yesterday at 11:14:33 »
i have a 36w with 900gph pump powering it, i think that is a bit too much for what i am after, but i can tell it is working.

i saw a chart once showing flow rate vs steralization and for dinos it was like 500 gph or something.
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