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Author Topic: HELP - HELP - WYOMING CLOWN FISH PAIR , FREAKING ME OUT . . . . .  (Read 849 times)

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  OK, I sent away for and got these Beautiful Wyoming White Clown Fish Pair.
Put them in their tank with some Big and small BTA,s Green, Rainbow and Rose, to host - right,
  WRONG, they go up to them and run away.
When I added them into tank, I used a long clear tube and placed them one by one into an anemone and after they tasted them, I set them free as they ran for cover.
  WELL, since then  They both have had personal trainers added that all host nems one by one then removed.
  There was a Black ice, An Oscelarious, 2 different size saddle back clowns one at a time and another designer.
  NEXT, I showed them videos, Taped Pics of clowns hosting and they go up to some of them, look and swim away without a care in the world, while I am biting off all my fingernails, worrying, drinking, praying, you name it,
FREAKING OUT NOW, do I have the most stupid pair on the planet?

I have a lawnmower blenny who sleeps in one of them.
What the H---!

  I even put the cute buggers in a container with a nem, where they had to sleep with it for 2 weeks and seemed to finally get he message. But when they were free, they went to their corner as usual and that was that.

 I love these little guys that look like mini Parrots. But They Gotta go . . . . .

Does anyone have a cute designer Clown fish pair who DOES LIKE and HOST NEMS?

AND will anyone be willing to trade???????

Can anyone help me???????
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