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Author Topic: TONS of coral  (Read 3781 times)

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TONS of coral
« on: April 07, 2023, 09:55:03 »
Looking for anything? Come on by and check out my currently loaded system! Here's a relatively complete list of what I have. Feel free to text to arrange a time to come by. 937-689-1640


Armor of God
Bam Bam morphs
Bam Bams
Blue Lagoons
Blueberry fields
Bob Marley Morph
Bozo's birthday
Butt munchers
Cats Eyes
CB White Zombies
Chucky's Bride
Cloves: Candy corn (orange)
Cloves: Firework (multi)
Cloves: Lazer lime (green)
Cloves: Neon green
Devil's Armor
Eagle Eyes
Emeralds on fire
Fairy Farts
Fiji Solar Flare
Flaming Fireball
Fruit loops
GMK (Grand Master Krak)
Goblins on fire
Grim reaper
Hawaiian Ding Dangs
Hellfire (glittery red)
Hyper Jubilee
JF Big Bang
Kedd Reds
LA Lakers
OG Magicians
Pink Diamonds
Pink elephants
Playboy Bunnies
Punk rockers
Rainbow hornets
Rainbow incinerators
Rainbow infusion palys
Rainbow Yodas
Red hornets
Red Scorpion zoa
Scrambled eggs zoas
Sonic flares
Speckled krak
Sunny D
Utter Chaos
VDM (Valentine's Day Massacre)
Vamps in Drag


Frammer: Peppered splatter
Frammer: Toxic, green / blue tip
Frogspawn: Green / blue tips
Frogspawn: Neon green, subtle splatter
Frogspawn: Orange
Frogspawn: Pastel green / blue
Frogspawn: Pink
Frogspawn: Pink & Orange
Hammer: Bronze
Hammer: Gold
Hammer: Green / purple tip
Hammer: Neon green
Hammer: Orange
Hammer: Orange purple stem anchor
Hammer: Purple green speck
Hammer: Rainbow gold
Hammer: Teal
Hammer: Tootie Fruity
Hammer: Variegated splatter
Hammer: Yellow
Octospawn: Yellow
Torch: 24k
Torch: Cotton Candy
Torch: Dragon Soul
Torch: Dragon Tamer
Torch: Goldfinger
Torch: Green / yellow tip
Torch: Hellfire
Torch: Jade
Torch: NYK
Torch: Orange Peel
Torch: Pink tip
Duncan: standard green
Duncan: neon striped


Acan: 1
Acan: 2
Acan: 3
Acan: 4
Acan: Green, blue rim
Acan: Red and purple
Acan: Red/green, purple rim
Alveopora: Green, light eye
Alveopora: Yellow, blue
Blasto: Ultra green purple rim
Blastos: Blue Raven
Chalice: Avatar
Chalice: Goldeneye
Chalice: Pink/Teal
Chalice: Watermelon
Cyphastrea: Alien Pox
Cyphastrea: Fender Bender
Elegance: Blue tip
Favia: Christmas
Favia: Darth Maul
Favia: dragon soul
Favia: Fascination
Favia: Full Tilt
Favia: green moon coral
Favia: Scorpion King
Favia: tie-dye
Favia: War coral
Goni: Blue green eye, mid
Goni: Bright green light eye, long
Goni: Bright pink, long
Goni: Neon green and orange, short
Goni: Neon pink and orange, short
Goni: Pastel green, long
Goni: Pastel pink and blue, Long
Goni: Pink glitter, med
Goni: pink, teal tip, med
Goni: Red, long
Lepastrea: Blueberry Field (blue/green)
Lepastrea: John Deere (green/orange)
Leptoseris: 24k
Leptoseris: Hulk
Leptoseris: JF Jack O' Lantern
Leptoseris: Lava Flow
Leptoseris: Mr. Freeze
Leptoseris: WWC Tan Lady
Lobo: Blue yellow eye symphillia
Lobo: Blue, green, purple rainbow
Lobo: Orange and purple symphyllia
Lobo: Red/teal symphillia
Pectinia: space invader
Psammocora: Scarecrow
Psammocora: Watermellon
Scoly: Bleeding apple
Stylocoeniella: Burning banana
Stylocoeniella: JF Sunset
Stylocoeniella: Pink
Turbinaria: Pagoda Cup


Bounce: JF Raunchy Red
Bounce: Neptune baby
Bounce: Sunkist
Bounce: Godzilla
Bounce: Godspawn
Disco: Creamsicle (my very own!) Adult
Disco: Creamsicle (my very own!) Baby
Disco: Green
Disco: Ironman
Disco: Jawbreaker
Rhodactis: Blue base, green fuzz
Rhodactis: Forest Fire
Rhodactis: Patchwork (yellow splotches)
Rhodactis: Superman (XL)
Rhodactis: Tequila sunrise
Rhodactis: TG Sun Splash (orange splotches)
Ricordea: Green rainbow
Ricordea: Ultra rainbow
St Thomas: Nuclear Stripe (XL)
St. Thomas: Bright teal, pink fringe (XL)
St. Thomas: Teal and red (XL)
Yuma: Green, orange spots, orange mouth
Yuma: Neon orange
Yuma: Orange base, teal bubbles
Yuma: Pumpkin King (bright orange, purple bubbles)
Yuma: Purple base, bright orange tips


Acro: After Party
Acro: ASD Rainbow Milli
Acro: Limitless Stag (green base, baby blue branches)
Acro: Bubble Bath Unicorn
Acro: Miyagi Tort
Acro: CC Blazin Rainbow
Acro: Fox Flame
Acro: Green acro with blue tips
Acro: Hawkins, ORA OG version
Acro: Lady in Pink
Acro: SC Orange Passion
Acro: Oregon Tort
Acro: PC Rainbow
Acro: Pearlberry
Acro: Pikachu
Acro: Pinky the Bear
Acro: Red dragon
Acro: Red Planet
Acro: JF Solar Flare Millepora
Acro: Suharsonoi Deepwater (glowing green tips)
Acro: Vivid's Confetti
Acro: Walt Disney
Acro: WWC Golden Table
Acro: Strawberry Shortcake
Acro: Green Slimer
Acro: Garf Bonsai
Acro: The Vihn
Acro: Mint Julep tabling (my very own)
Acro: Pink Cadillac
Acro: Walt Disney
Acro: Green and pink
Anacropora: the Thing
Birdsnest: Bird of Paradise, ORA
Birdsnest: Green, ORA
Digitata: German blue, ORA
Monti: Andy's Sweet Monti
Monti: Sunset
Monti: Reverse Superman / Mystic Sunset
Monti: Tequilla Sunrise
Monti: Setosa
Monti: Starburst cap
Pocillopora: Rainbow

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Re: TONS of coral
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2023, 14:37:58 »
Nice looking stuff Patrick, might have to come up and see you, haven't seen your stuff in a while. Looks like those LEDZeal lights are doing the trick.

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Re: TONS of coral
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2023, 15:01:57 »
looks amazing

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Re: TONS of coral
« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2023, 19:24:53 »
Patrick will be at the CORA swap this sunday.

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