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LPS frags?
« on: February 11, 2023, 09:32:15 »
Before I head to Matt?s Corals or Discover Aquatics does anyone local have inexpensive LPS frags available?

I had a Kalkwasser overdose about a year ago. ICP tests showed nothing unexpected other than high calcium & alkalinity.

Regardless, all of my LPS had polyp bailout over the next six months?multiple torches, Caulastrea, 10-12 head Duncan, several Blastos, and a beautiful Elegance?Softies were unaffected.

I added a basic green torch, a Duncan, and a green & red Caulastrea to the tank about a month ago. After some initial die back/polyp shrinkage, the green Caulastrea seems to recovering, the red, not so much. The Duncan and torch seem to be extending well and appear to be healthy.

Id prefer not to kill any of Lazys beautiful LPS and less than perfect specimens will be gladly accepted. Id like to test the waters, before dropping a bunch of cash on LPS again just to watch them slowly die.

I?m in the Centerville/Kettering area.

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