Author Topic: December Photo Contest Sponsored by NDR!!!  (Read 5186 times)

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December Photo Contest Sponsored by NDR!!!
« on: December 02, 2008, 20:21:54 »
The last photo contest of the year is brought to you by North Dixie Reef.  The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate. 

The topic is Best Red and Green Aquarium Inhabitant Photo

To give our amateur photographers and newbies a chance to win, this contest is only open to those who haven't already won a photo contest this year  (you may post your pictures...but you aren't eligible if you've already won one.)  FYI, there will be a limit yearly on photo contest winnings from now on to encourage other photographers. 

Please see the rules posted in this forum.  Photos violating the rules will be removed.  Thank you...let the games begin!

Entries will close at midnight, December 17.  Voting will begin and then close December 31 at midnight.  A winner will be announced January 1 or whenever I recover.   :laugh: