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Author Topic: FragSwapper (How To)  (Read 3686 times)

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FragSwapper (How To)
« on: January 28, 2014, 17:06:15 »
I'm no expert on fragswapper but I thought I would try and give some guidance to navigate the site. Fragswapper is a big tool for us hobbyists to trade and sell our coral at the frag swap. Feel free to suggest additions, or changes to this tutorial.

1. Register

2. Create an Account
  • Fill out the form with a unique username and password.
  • Enter a valid email address. (Choose one you want to keep because it has been hard to get changed in the past.)
  • Fragswapper will send a confirmation email to this address.

3. Choose an Organization
Click Organizations. (This is considering you haven't registered and won't have any current registered organizations like in my screenshot.)

4. Pick a State
This is where you pick Ohio for Ohio Reef.

5. Register with an Organization
  • Click "You are not registered with this organization. Click here to register."
  • Register with the Ohio Reef Club
  • If already registered skip to next step

6. Current Available Swaps
Under current available swaps click on "6th Annual Ohio Reef Club Frag Swap."

7. Register for Event
Click the "You are not registered for this event. Click here to register" to attend this event.

8. List New Items
  • To list a new item click the green button "My Listings" at the top menu.
  • Choose "list new item" on the following page.

9. Fill out the form for your item
  • Fill out the info to describe your item for sale, trade, or give away.
  • Use external image hosting such as imgur, imageshack, or photobucket to share your images.
  • Save your listing

10. View your listing
  • Click listings at the top
  • Under "Trade Lists" on the left hand side choose "All (New First)"
  • You should see your listing at the top

You now have the ability to list all your coral, frags, and equipment you want to sell or trade with everyone. You can then arrange to meet and trade/sell at the frag swap.

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Re: FragSwapper (How To)
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2014, 17:08:22 »
Good job. Thanks for the info.

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Re: FragSwapper (How To)
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2014, 17:25:22 »
Nicely put together, thanks and sticky'd topic

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Re: FragSwapper (How To)
« Reply #3 on: February 24, 2014, 20:00:53 »
Reminder: Listing on Fragswapper gets you free raffle tickets.

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Re: FragSwapper (How To)
« Reply #4 on: March 02, 2014, 16:55:34 »
If you ever want to remove/hide a item from the your listing is how to do it.

(We had this posted elsewhere on the forum, but this seemed like a better place for the info.)

I honestly do not remember WHY I removed the "remove" feature.  If you are certain you don't have the item listed anywhere anymore here is how you delete it manually:

1. Go to your MY HOME page.
2. Scroll down to your ITEMS ON FILE.
3. Click on the item you want to delete.
..It will open edit.
4. In the URL at the top you'll see something like this:

Change the 6 to a 7:
...and press ENTER.

Then repeat 3 and 4 for every item.  The XXXX in the ItemKey will be different for each item and it is site wide unique number (so it's not in order for you) so you can't just change the item key, you'll need to open each item to get the item number.

It is secure so you can only remove your own items. :)  And it SHOULD automatically remove the listing if it is listed some place but no promises...that might be why I removed it! 

Just so you know, it doesn't actually delete the entry, it just hides it.  So if you look in the archive of events if you had it listed it will still be there.

Good luck.


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