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Author Topic: Humphrey's "Pink Rings of Death" Coral Grow-out Contest Sign-up!  (Read 58 times)

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Offline Gary

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Win a $50 gift certificate. Jim Humphrey "Goat Corals" is providing "Pink Rings of Death" zoanthids for a Coral Grow-out Contest!

Please sign-up before March 3, 2020 Midnight if you wish to participate in the Humphrey's "Pink Rings of Death" Coral Grow-out Contest! You must be a Premium Member.  Contestants can pickup their zoanthid frag at the March 8, 2020 club meeting 1-3 PM. Contest Participants must post the first week (9th to 15th) of each contest month the following:

Frag Photo
Basic Water Parameters
Water flow

Contest concludes Midnight EST August 15, 2020.

Offline Ohioreefjr

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Id really like to participate in this, however, I cant be at the meeting because I have to work. Are there any alternative pickup times or methods?


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