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WTB / Re: 48in Sump
« Last post by richard593 on Today at 04:32:39 »
Hey everyone looking for a larger sump 44 -48in for a fellow reefer, give me a shout if you have anything.

Cheers Rick
Hey send me a PM I have one used ,can pay for shipping?

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For Sale / Re: Tank Breakdown (Livestock)
« Last post by jjoos99 on Yesterday at 22:25:41 »
If awingo1121 doesnt take the fish I will take the copperband.
Fish / 2 year observation update on my Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel
« Last post by Jesterrace on Yesterday at 18:04:06 »
Here it is:

WTB / Re: 48in Sump
« Last post by Agame43 on Yesterday at 17:14:59 »
  Oh wow - cool - great to hear!
For Sale / Re: Tank Breakdown (Livestock)
« Last post by awingo1121 on Yesterday at 16:42:10 »
Would be interested in taking all the fish 6142184404
For Sale / Re: Tank Breakdown (Livestock)
« Last post by Amstar on Yesterday at 15:15:40 »
Will you separate - sell the corals separately?  Interested in toadstool, hammer, frogspawn

DM me 
For Sale / Tank Breakdown (Livestock)
« Last post by Caleb on Yesterday at 13:30:17 »
Hesitant about posting this but I think I am breaking down my tanks, this post will be for the livestock once the livestock is sold I will begin to list the equipment

SPS: Walt Disney(left of 1st picture) , Homewrecker (Right 1st picture), Pink Floyd (2nd picture) + all other SPS (a few healthy pieces and some not so healthy) - $200

LPS: Wall Hammer, Branching hammers, branching frogspawn, wall frogspawn, neon green Toadstool leather (XL & M), plate coral, Various zoa's, brain coral, Acans & all other LPS $300 (likely to have Aptasia)

Would like to sell all coral before chasing fish

Foxface: $20

Two Clownfish (One black & one regular) & Host Ritteri Anenome: $75

Copperband Butterfly : Would like to go to a large tank that feeds heavily (I have had for about a year - eats frozen LRS and live Blackworms) : $30

Pink Margin wrasse: $20

3 pj cardinals: $20

Tomini Tang: $20

Large Black Ice clownfish (was laying eggs before its mate passed): have another "Single" clown I could make a pair out of: $30

FileFish- $10

Willing to make a deal if you purchase all livestock

Image 1: HW + WD
Image 2: Pink Floyd
Image 3: LPS Tank
Equipment / Re: Cooling required in Ohio?
« Last post by dbjonesjr on Yesterday at 11:33:48 »
Not sure. Someone else might have a better answer. In theory a well ventilated hood should be plenty assuming you keep the room cooled.
Equipment / Re: Cooling required in Ohio?
« Last post by jsweir on Yesterday at 10:44:08 »
Should I plan on anything more high power than just hood fans?
Equipment / Re: Cooling required in Ohio?
« Last post by dbjonesjr on Yesterday at 10:18:32 »
I probably would. I have an 8 bulb 48 fixture over an open frag tank (48x24x10) and a second identical tank and 40ish gallon sump on the system and it pushes my water temp to over 79 with a 72-74 room temp.
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